Canning Lake Property Owners Association Inc.

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On the Sunday morning watch for the orange course markers. If the markers are out the sailing is on - if the markers are not out Sunday, the rain date is the next day (Monday) at the same time.

New for 2019 there will be three slightly shorter races instead of two races of one lap each giving all sailors a chance to regroup and have another start.

To start the races there will be three horn signals. A 3 minute to race blast , a 1 minute, and a longer final "start" blast.

All markers are kept to port (left) while the length of the course will be dependant on the wind conditions.
Get ready to come out to the Canning Lake Fun Sailing Regatta on the Sunday of the Civic Holiday long weekend in early August. Meet at 10:30 by the double orange markers for a 11:00 start in the big part of the lake. All types of sailing vessels are welcome and everyone has an equal chance of placing as we we use the "Portsmouth Yardstick" handicap system. This system equalizes the different floating crafts so everyone has an equal chance to take home the trophy for the year. As always paddlers are also welcome to run the course and bring cheer.

So grab the main sheet and man the jib. Come out and enjoy the lake.
New for 2019 Snacks and refreshments and rewards will follow the sailing at the Van Every cottage 1103 Dugan Road.

Dave Dennis - Commodore
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Irving Green proudly accepts the winner's trophy for 2010. The trophy was hand crafted by Steward Haake.
Stuart Dennis is the 2011 trophy winner.
Sabine Haake is the proud 2012 trophy winner.
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Ryan with the help of dad, Craig, is the 2013 winner.
Emma with the help of dad, Craig, is the 2014 winner.
Shaun with the help of dad, Craig, is the 2015 trophy winner.
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Kurt is the 2016 trophy winner.
Kurt is the 2017 trophy winner.
Noah with the help of Mom, Meredith, is the 2018 trophy winner.
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Craig and Shaun with dad the 2019 trophy winners
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