Canning Lake Property Owners Association Inc.


The Canning Lake Property Owners Association thanks you for your continued support.

Here are just some of the things that your support makes possible:
Water testing - Newsletters - Navigation markers - Website - Directory - Fun events - AGM - Membership and representation at FOCA, CHA, CEWF - High school awards - Loon watch - Bridge flower boxes - Sympathy cards - Welcome packages

Pay here if you wish to securely pay with Paypal the annual membership to your Canning Lake Association.
$40, $50 or $60 your choice.




Canning Lake thanks you.

Please note that if you are paying on behalf of another member (your last name is different than the property owner as stated in the directory) please send an email to (directory) stating your name and the applicable cottage address you just paid for.

If any of your address information has changed please make sure you send an email to (
directory) with your new address information to update the directory and to ensure that you continue to receive your newsletter.

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